One touch of an antique golf club reveals a gruesome vision to its new owner, Stella Colby. It was used in a vicious assault, possibly a murder. For Stella, mystic images are a fact of life, an inherited trait. A touch tells a story. Realizing the perpetrator has located her and the old “weapon,” Stella flees from Chicago to Willerton, Indiana, to get a fresh start…

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Page Publishing

Ghost of a Chance

In Sophie Granger’s world, it is normal for pillows to be airborne and unexpected cool breezes to whisk through her home.  She had grown accustomed to the persistent presence from the other side. It was not normal for Mack Tanner, the new sexy next door neighbor, to hear her talking to her family ghost or see hearts appear out of nowhere on the bathroom mirror.  As a retiring police officer, he is determined to help her with “her problem” while hiding secrets of his own.  Mack’s biggest challenge is trying to resist the rising electricity between them.  He is not prone to commitments and Sophie Granger knows there’s no way a guy like Mack Tanner falls for a girl like her.

The ups and downs of this paranormal romance take their toll on the growing attraction Sophie and Mack feel.  The interference of family, friends and the resident ghost test the strength of their relationship and their own will.    Is it just a shared love of good food and fast cars? Or will they hang together to find true love so the ghost can finally find her peace?  Sometimes the best intentions often go awry.

published by
Page Publishing


Can Annie Lundquist bring herself to trust her heart in an unexpected chance at love

With the handsome, estranged twin of her deceased fiancé?  What begins as a sweet and awkward relationship blossoms into a full-blown romance in the high altitude of Evergreen Park.

The relationship between the tender-hearted woman and the land developer, Jason Phillips, is risky.  At stake are a prime piece of property in the Colorado Rockies, her mother’s priceless antique jewelry – and her heart.

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CYNTHIA LACEY: romance novelist, avid reader, devoted football fan and mother of three grown children – one grandchild on the way. She participates in writer’s groups and Midwest Writers Workshops.  Loves to haunt estate sales for oldies, but goodies. Ms. Lacey resides in the Midwest with her happily-ever-after husband.

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